Happy New Year!


Wow! What a year it’s been. It just takes my breath away.

I’ve fallen off the grid a bit with this blog. But I’m back now and I appreciate you for hanging around.

How were your holidays?

For me, the holiday season has been eye-opening. I’ve had an unusual amount of downtime and also alone time. This is a recipe for self-reflection and I was surprised by what I discovered though I suppose deep down inside I knew it all along but didn’t want to face it.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were quiet uneventful holidays where I didn’t get wrapped up in the season’s hustle as I have in years past. I spent my December birthday at a training seminar on psychology, personal development, human behavior and values. This was the most inspiring way to spend my birthday as I absolutely LOVE learning, particularly about how to help people self-actualize. This surprised me as usually birthdays are awkward at best.

I look back at this year and am stunned to see that nearly everything I put in my 2015 master plan has come to fruition. This validates the power of goal setting and writing down your dreams.

What I didn’t put in my master plan, however, was self-care.

This year I ran on what I call “soul crack”. It’s like running on fumes, but fumes of inspiration. Get it?

I was so inspired about my client work, about new speaking opportunities, interviews, workshops and other work opportunities.

AND I found myself exhausted. Things were falling through the cracks-particularly my health and wellness. Sleep was ok, but exercise-what’s that? My friendships also got neglected. And even my cat got sick.

I had to really stop and look at the price of success. I was shocked to discover that I actually found taking care of myself inconvenient and distracting from the work that inspired me. Go figure. I’d rather drink another cup of coffee and eat at my desk than stop what I was doing to go and take a break and think about what I was eating and whether that butter croissant and third cup of coffee really was the most optimal meal choice.

So here’s what’s got me thinking.

I had to face the fact that underneath all of my inspiration was that dark, insidious, hidden little belief that “I’m not enough. What I’m doing isn’t enough. It’ll never be enough.”

UGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Boom-there it is.

So THIS year, among other things, my goal is to learn how to have success that is a natural result of being myself, taking care of myself and honoring myself, rather than because I’ve sacrificed myself.

I invite you to do the same.

What if you could start the year out knowing:

  • You are ALREADY enough.
  • You are amazing.
  • You are unique and have something important to share with the world.

What if all you have to do is just have the clarity to know what you want and go after it?

Set goals that are true and congruent instead of shoulds and oughts.

Here are some suggestions for how to start your year off right:

  1. Make a wish list. Notice how you respond to each item on the list. Do you get excited and inspired at the prospect of it coming true or do you feel heavy and overwhelmed at the idea of all the work necessary to get it done.
  2. Schedule downtime NOW. If you’re anything like me, you might not notice you’re burnt out until you’re passed burnout. So, schedule your vacations, long weekends, date night, play time, or open space to read, reflect, journal, be curious or go on an adventure.
  3. Find a mentor. Read, listen to podcasts, go out and find someone to learn from. Particularly someone who has already achieved what you dream of doing. Successful people LOVE to teach what they’ve learned.
  4. Find an accountability partner. Find someone you trust and respect. Form a mastermind group. Hold them accountable and make them hold you accountable.
  5. Celebrate your success. As a driven perfectionist, I know it always feels like things are never done, never good enough, and there’s always MORE to do. BUT, it’s a LOT easier to keep growing when you are inspired by what you have accomplished as opposed to the guilt and shame of “not-enoughness.”

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -M. Gandhi


THANK YOU for being a part of the WholeHearted Community.

I wish you a phenomenal new year where you have health, well-being, discovery, play, connection, fulfillment, growth, and inspiration.

Happy New Year!!!


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