How I Can Help

Coaching: personalized one on one career coaching specifically tailored to help you achieve your artistic, financial and professional goals.

Consulting: I’ll work with your ensemble or organization.  I can offer mediation and assessment of your marketing, website, brand, stage presence and more.

Coaching for the Young Musician: Preparing for college and conservatory auditions? Trying to decide what path to take for the next stage of your career?  I can support you through this transition.

Consulting for Parents: This is for parents of musicians. We address issues like conflict management, how to make big decisions, how to support your child’s potential and career, etc.

Counseling: If you live in the U.S., specifically the state of California, and are needing more specific support on issues beyond performing and career advice, this option is available.

Talks and Workshops: I guest lecture and present on a number of topics including career development, stage fright, conflict resolution and much more.

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