Why I Have Hope for 2017 and Three Ways to Stay Sane During Uncertainty

  I’ve thought a lot about the transition for this new year.  Never before have I heard on a grand scale people desperately ready to end a year and start another. Facebook, in particular, shows this sentiment where over and over people’s rage and frustration got expressed towards the year. I even know a friend […]

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Defining Freedom.

I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom these days. It’s a word we hear a lot, especially around this time of year. It’s also a buzz word in advertising and personal development. – Financial freedom: Let us manage your money for you so you can buy that car, take that vacation or send your kid to college. […]

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How Don Draper’s Advice for Actors Can Help Your Musical Career

create your own story, be the director of your own life

My friend Noah Hoffeld shared this amazing article Don Draper’s Advice For Actors by Amy Jo Berman. It totally made my day. YES! I shouted. FINALLY someone out there is thinking outside the box, talking about it and giving totally awesome advice!  I highly recommend that you read the article.  Here’s the essence of it and why it’s […]

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Inspiration for When You’re Down and Out.


It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I lost focus and got knocked off my path.  It’s true.  I won’t lie.  I DID have family visiting, but that’s not an excuse right?! Well, I’m starting with the above photo, because I think it’s a great metaphor.  If you’ve ever been to the San Francisco or […]

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The Art of Discernment.

When frustration gets the best of you… Recently I was talking with a renowned cellist who was remarking on the frustration of teaching studio class and watching his students “beat themselves up” while playing.  “Some get so frustrated that they go so far as to swear out loud while playing” he said. The truth is, […]

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